About Pere-X

About Pere-X

The homepage of this site outlines the essential "mission statement" behind this work:

"The Pere-X.net website is dedicated to the creation of educational videos and other learning materials that help spread global understanding. Cross-cultural communication and mutual respect are among the keys to peace and a better world. Join in the effort to share knowledge!"

Geographic awareness, and celebration of cultural diversity are key focus areas of this site and its videos. The materials on this site are not about politics or political agendas.

Pere-X videos are offered at no charge under the terms of "Creative Commons" licensing as outlined within each specific work.

My name is Peter, and I am the author of this website and the Pere-X videos.

But the work is not mine alone. Every effort was sparked by outside influences and has involved help from friends and colleagues. The videos have grown to include versions in multiple languages and that work could not have been successful without huge levels of collaboration with native speakers of those languages. Those contributors have been credited within the specific videos.

In addition, this web site has benefited from the diligent translation work, critiques, and content suggestions of others.

"Three old men" (Xining, Qinghai)
Photo by Marlene Miyamoto

But, "Pere-X"?
What does that mean?

"Pere" is the equivalent in the Valenciano language of the English name "Peter".

And what about the letter "X"?
It simultaneously refers to "Xàtiva", a town in the Spanish province of Valencia, where I live for part of each year, and "Xi’an", the capital city of Shaanxi province in China.