About the Series

Description of the video:

    "Learning Chinese Provinces" is a series of three videos for travelers, students etc. who have an interest in China. The goal is to present the names of the provinces in a way that emphasizes their meanings.

     All three videos of the series are available in English, Spanish, and French. The first video in the series is also available in Italian.

     Although the goal of the videos is NOT to teach the Chinese language, you will be able to see that by learning just a few words of Chinese, many province names are logical and easy to understand!

     The videos are about locations, not politics. So it is the place names that is emphasized, not the details about which are provinces, which are autonomous regions or special administrative areas.


Part One

Description of the video:

     The names of a dozen Chinese provinces are based on their location. Once you learn a handful of words, including north, south, east, west, mountain, river, and lake, you will have the key. Then, knowing the names and locations of the provinces mentioned in this video is so easy you will wonder why anyone would find them difficult!

     This video is primarily designed for students and travelers who want to learn about China.

     Note: These videos incorporate the "simplified" Chinese characters as currently used by the great majority of Chinese speakers. Likewise, the "English" names of Chinese geographic areas are those in current use by English language publications include maps and travel guide books.

Part Two

Description of the video:

     Part two of this series continues with eleven more provinces / administrative areas. The names of many relate to rivers. Understanding the meaning of the province names will help you to remember them!

Part Three

Description of the video:

     Part three of this series presents the remaining eleven provinces / administrative areas.

     Unlike previous segments, these names are linked to history rather than geographic features.