Learning Chinese Provinces
A Three Part Video Series

Note: Video links on this page connect to YouTube. Some countries have no access to that site. If the links in the sections below do not work Click HERE to access slow/low-resolution versions not hosted on YouTube.

Learn the names and locations of 34 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, etc.
It's easlier than you think!

        For many of us, the names of Chinese provinces are confusing and seem arbitrary. In reality they are much more logical than the names of American states, or the names of provinces in many other countries!

        This three part series of videos is meant to help English speaking travelers "decode" province names and learn their locations. After watching the videos a few times, viewers should be able to recognize the written names of the provinces on maps, and also use the names in conversations with other English speakers.

        Although learning a few words of Chinese is key to understanding province names and locations, this is in no way a tutorial on the Chinese language. And although audio examples of authentic pronunciation are provided, there is no attempt to instruct the viewer on the full set of intricacies and subtleties of spoken Chinese.